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Bed & Biscuit

Boarding / Overnight Care

Treat your dog to a private, farm-style canine retreat. With only 6 units available, your dog will receive the individual attention they deserve. Social and non-social dogs alike are welcome, as well as special care dogs: puppies, the elderly, and sick dogs.

Doggy Day Care

Day Care for Dogs

At work all day with no one to entertain your dog? DDC is designed to provide up to 6 hours of carefully planned stimulation including supervised natural exercise, socialisation, themed activities, and naptimes.

Dog Training

Puppy Classes & Training Workshops

Unleash your puppy's super powers by joining our certified puppy course designed for pups aged 8-16 weeks. Older dog? Join our Saturday training workshops.


Healthy treats for Dogs

A range of freshly-baked, healthy cakes, and cookies served as room service or takeaway. Doggy bags, bones, bark boxes, icies, and soups available a la carte!


About us

Leave your dog in certified hands

Fetch! is a full-service canine care facility in Bloemfontein (SA) committed to providing both human and animal clients with consistently professional services at an acceptable price. We offer an excellent selection of dog-related services: comfy overnight accommodation, doggy day care, certified puppy classes, and even take-home products from our "barkery".

Nestled on 2 peaceful hectares of natural Free State land, Fetch! is ideally located: close enough for travel but also secluded from the noise and bustle of suburbia. Rolling lawns, wide, open spaces, and surrounding veldt offers our furry guests the perfect environment to enjoy their peaceful canine retreat – perhaps a little too much! Our farm-style facility boasts two grassed exercise yards, three farm paddocks, one swimming pool, plenty of interactive toys and obstacles to navigate, and storage for personal items. The property is highly secure, clean, and well-maintained for your peace of mind. The perimeter is surrounded by 2m-high solid brick walls, electric fencing, fully-functional alarm system, and 24-hour surveillance cameras. In addition, we have very strict vaccination rules for the premises (across all services) so that all animals entering, visiting, or residing on the property are current on their vaccinations and parasite treatments.

Modern Kennel Design
Individual Attention
Certified Trainers

Training Philosophy

At the heart of every service is our training philosophy. Fetch! promotes strictly modern, force-free training methods meaning that pups and dogs are trained by motivational techniques. Motivational training is based on the theory that one can use the natural drives of a dog (the drive for food, play, and prey) to develop desired behaviours and to prevent undesired ones from surfacing. Therefore, we mainly use food rewards, with the occasional use of toys, to gently encourage the animal into the behaviours that we desire.

Positive is, however, not permissive. We believe in natural, holistic dog care and management. This means that discipline and routine are just as important as one-on-one attention, exercise, and cuddles; and our canine guests respect us for this. We do not believe in anthropomorphising dogs: treating them like humans. We believe that fresh air, sand, grass, water, veldt, and mud, plenty of mental stimulation, quiet surroundings, and music are essential to a dog's physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Subsequently, a lot of planning and forethought has gone into the construction of the boarding units as well as the design of daily schedules because we want to ensure that each dog's experience at Fetch! is truly enjoyable and enriching. We offer our clients choices and upgrades because it is our personal aim to know each dog as an individual and attend to their unique preferences and needs accordingly. Our private, small-scale facility has been hand-picked and designed to allow just that, and this is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Meet our Team


Founder (2014)

Candice holds an M.A. in Culture Studies (i.e. Human-Animal Studies with a specific focus on dog-human partnerships and training techniques in dog sport). Her preceding degrees: B.A. (majoring in psychology and business management) and Honours in Psychology (with a focus on Animal-Assisted Therapy).

She began formally training dogs in 2011. Raven and Candice came 2nd in their Beginner group and placed 1st in the Novice Obedience class at the 2015 KUSA Winter Classic. Bindi and Candice are in training for IPO trials: a German dog sport consisting of tracking, obedience, and protection work. Candice was elected as a dog trainer on the committee of the local GSDFSA dog club in 2012 where she went on to assist in training GSDs of all ages using motivational techniques.

Upon diverging from the GSD club in 2014, Fetch! Puppy School was opened in July of the same year. The school became so popular that over 30 puppies graduated from the program within the first year. Candice then went on to establish Fetch! K9 Services: a personal dream for many years, which officially opened its doors on 2 February 2015. The doggy day care program and boarding facility has afforded her the invaluable opportunity to expand on her knowledge in dog behaviour, training, and management on a daily basis.

Beyond dog clubs and entrepreneurial endeavours, she has attended numerous dog training and behavioural seminars conducted by acclaimed dog behaviourists and professional trainers in SA, and frequently travels to Johannesburg for supplementary training with her mentor. Furthermore, her M.A. topic allowed her to travel extensively throughout SA shadowing some of the top trainers in SA as well as research a vast range of training and kennel management methods.

Candice's most recent achievement is her Certification in Canine Hydrotherapy (February 2018) with the aims of adding qualified hydrotherapy and puppy swim sessions to the Fetch! services by mid-year 2018.


DDC Facilitator
Joined the team in 2015

Margaret became an active member of the KUSA Bloemfontein Dog Training Club in 2000. She was then awarded the position of Club Secretary in 2004. Her role on the management team has involved the co-ordination of all BFN KUSA championship shows, as well as the 2010 KUSA Nationals Show. Margaret was also a trainer at the club from 2004, which entailed training dogs of all breeds and ages. She has been a dog owner and handler since 1997 (20 years) and her dogs have been awarded various titles: Ratty held several Elementary Beginner titles, Sable achieved Novice Obedience and BH, and Phoenix reached the A test as well as held a BH title. Margaret competed with both Sable and Phoenix in IPO trials as well.

She has had the privilege of training under prolific national and international dog trainers such as Joanne Flemming-Plumb, Glynis Hendricks, Vera Drummond, and Grant Higgo. She has also attended clicker training and TTouch seminars. Margaret has worked with numerous dogs over the years making use of motivational techniques (food and toy rewards), and is currently mentoring handlers of all-breed dogs aged 6 months and older at a local dog training club.

Margaret hopes to enter her dogs, Juno and Aiden, into KUSA obedience competitions in the future, and has been a loyal employee at Fetch! K9 Services from day one, whereby her daily workings with the dogs serves to expand her knowledge in canine behaviour and management.

Our Values

The Fetch! team really places a high value on openness, honesty, and feedback. We like to be as up-front with our clients as possible, including the times when we ourselves make mistakes, and we believe that this is what sets us apart from other animal care facilities. Our Terms of Service (which are openly available to the public) clearly state our conditions and policies, while the House Rules offer guidelines to clients visiting the premises. Finally, the Code of Ethics conveys what Fetch! managers and staff promise our clients when they participate in our services.

NOTE: These three core documents must be allowed to expand and grow with our business. All are, therefore, ‘living documents’ meaning that they are subject to change at any time that management deems it necessary for the benefit of all involved. Clients are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these docs before enrolling their pet in any of our services.

Extra's & Upgrades

Injury Clinic (NEW!)

Fetch! is now equipped to handle minor injuries and strains with specialised veterinary equipment. You are welcome to book your dog in for some laser therapy, kinesiology taping, TEMS, or a dog sports massage during their stay (at an additional fee). NB! Only practiced by a qualified hydrotherapist.

We Deliver

Fetch! runs a shuttle service on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The collection route runs in the morning, while drop-offs occur in the afternoon. Subject to available space; see pricelist for price p/km; not available on Fridays, weekends or public holidays.

Barkery Nibbles

What is a holiday without local cuisine? Our Barkery offers room service where your dog can enjoy a variety of seasonal doggy delights in the comfort of their own suite.

Gym Bunny Booster

We can arrange extra exercise sessions for the fitness fanatic: swim sessions or veldt excursions, are all available at an additional cost when you book in.

Bed & Biscuit

NB! No dog to board without 4 up-to-date, compulsory veterinary treatments: annual vaccine, kennel cough vaccine, deworming, and tick-and-flea treatment. Clients to supply their own dog food.

Fetch! offers a premium boarding service with several options to customize your dog's stay. The minimalist, farm-style Bed & Biscuit consists of a face brick building housing only six well-maintained units. Our beautiful outdoor units come fully equipped with indoor sleeping areas, raised Coolaroo dog beds and bed linens, grassed gardens, sandpits, and solid wood doors for night-time warmth and security. There are two cozy (24sqm) units and four large ones (48sqm). Dogs are not only matched to suitable units upon arrival, but we find that the privacy and exclusivity offered by such a small kennel yard, affords your dog/s the best of care and attention.

We welcome both social and non-social dogs at the Bed & Biscuit and we also have special care arrangements available for puppies, injured, elderly, or sickly dogs. In addition, the Bed & Biscuit is an interactive boarding facility meaning that dogs are kept busy during the day. This reduces kennel stress and boredom, while working up an appetite and increasing the chances of a good night's rest. Sundays are the only activity-free days because quiet time and rest is just as important as daily exercise.

Frequent Questions

Any dog is welcome to board at Fetch! provided that proof of the following is provided:

1) Up-to-date annual vaccination
2) Up-to-date kennel cough vaccination (4 weeks prior to standard boarding [safe]; 6 weeks prior to communal boarding [safe]; < 4 weeks prior to boarding [at own risk]).
3) Up-to-date deworming (must be done every 12 weeks)
4) Up-to-date tick-and-flea treatment (must be done every 8-12 weeks)

No dog will be allowed to enter the premises without having provided proof of these items stated in a vet booklet, and signed by a veterinarian.

Unfortunately not. All dogs who attend day care and who are booked into communal boarding, must be sterilised and pass our in-house behavioural assessment. We have these tests/systems in place to protect all dogs in the yard. We have had bad experiences allowing in-tact males into the social pack as the other dogs tend to pick on them. No matter how friendly your male seems, things become unpredictable in a pack situation and we cannot take that risk.

Please pack in the following: your dog's vet booklet (with proof of vaccinations and parasite treatments), your dog's own food measured out accurately into one, labelled bag with a measuring cup (as it is essential that dogs maintain their regular diet), any medication required, and personal items (e.g. pillows, blankets, bedding, toys that make your dog feel at home).

NB!! It is ESSENTIAL for owners to send bedding along for destructive dogs. If your dog destroys a Coolaroo bed, you will be asked to replace the cover (R200) upon check-out.

Standard boarding is for non-socials whereby dogs have their own private quarters, enjoy two daily activities, and receive plenty of chew-things to keep them busy. Dogs in standard lodging do not mix with other dogs at all. Whereas, communal lodging is specifically designed for the social butterfly who thrives on the company of other dogs. These dogs are booked into the doggy day care program during the day, and enjoy quiet evenings alone in their suite. NB! Sterilised dogs only!!

The difference, therefore, lies in the way in which the dogs are exercised. Communal boarders spend their exercise time socialising within a group of dogs, while standard boarders spend their exercise time in a yard separate from other dogs, and the boarding coordinator facilitates spends one-on-one time with them for their daily activity. Furthermore, only sterilised, social dogs are allowed into communal boarding, whereas ANY dog is welcome into standard boarding (as long as he/she is not human aggressive).

Unfortunately, no refunds are available for this as stated in our liability agreement. When you book your dog in for a certain period of time, we hold that unit for you for that full period. Returning early does not automatically guarantee that that space will be available to another customer. General hotel standards and conditions apply. Similarly, if you decide to extend your dog's stay while you are away, you will have to pay R200 as an emergency booking fee if we are not notified 48-hours before the intended extension.

Yes, of course. Fetch! does not only accommodate social dogs, but dog-aggressive, dog-anxious dogs as well. Dogs who do not enjoy the company of other dogs are booked into the standard program which involves one-on-one exercise regimes and individualised attention. If your dog is particularly reactive towards other dogs, we have an especially secure unit for what we call "difficult dogs" – those who are high climbers or jumpers, are extremely strong, or are extensive escape artists. The only dogs that we are hesitant to take in are those that have shown aggression towards humans, and women in particular, as we cannot put our staff at risk.

Boarding Options

Our Units

Two Cozy and Four Large Units Available

Our garden units are perfect for single dogs or a family of doggos who enjoy spending their time together. The warm, indoor sleeping area is made from face-brick and is furnished with a raised bed and bed linens (i.e. cushions and blankets provided). A solid wooden door leads out onto the en-suite, grassed garden (20sqm) fitted with a sandpit for your dog's digging pleasure. During winter, heaters are used, while paddling pools are supplied in the summertime. The inside division walls are 2m high, while each garden is surrounded by 2.4m high combination walls (half brick, half weld-mesh); cultivating a feeling of safety and privacy. With the choice between veldt (tranquil) or neighbouring view (more movement), your dog is sure to enjoy these comfortable, natural accommodations.

Daily activity program: outings into large exercise yards which include free-roaming and games, physical health check (send-home list), and socializing in safe groups (for approved social dogs only).
What else is provided:
  • Raised/platform bed with bed linens
  • Doggie crockery (stainless steel), toys, chew things
  • Storage space
  • Feeding and medicating twice daily (bring own, labelled food)
  • Cuddles and pats ad lib throughout the day
  • Daily housekeeping and sanitisation
  • Bedtime biscuit
  • Constant water supply
  • Facebook updates
  • 24-hour surveillance cameras
Extra upgrades available:
  • Extra swim sessions
  • Veldt walks/excursions
  • Biscuits and treats from the Barkery (on-site)
  • Calmatives/health products
  • Delivery service (Mondays to Thursdays only: see pricelist)
Time (rough schedule) Activity
07:00-09:00 Feeding, medicating, cleaning, check-ins and -outs
09:00-12:00 Outings into exercise yards and games (this is in the afternoon on public holidays)
12:00-13:00 Barkery treats (for those who ordered) or self-packed treats, and physical checks
13:00-17:00 Relaxing in units for the afternoon (enjoying sandpits, paddle pools, the grass, basking, barking, and the general ‘farm’ surroundings)
17:00-18:00 Suppertime and basic cleaning
Late evening/nighttime Close doors and bedtime biscuit
NB! Rainy day/very bad weather rule: the priority is to keep the dogs healthy and dry, so if weather is very bad our go-to activity is in-unit puzzles.
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Doggie Day Camp

Special Boarding for puppies

Puppies have very specific needs in terms of care, handling, socialisation, feeding, toileting, and playtime. Puppies are resilient, but also vulnerable in the sense that any negative experience in puppyhood, could very likely affect their behaviour later in life. At Fetch! we want our puppies to only have positive boarding experiences and memories, and so we treat pups with exceptional care. The gentle ambience set by the 'Dog tunes' played throughout the night is enough to send even anxious dogs peacefully off to sleep. Puppy training pads are laid out at night for those midnight toileting emergencies. Electric water bottles and heaters are also available for extra cold nights.

Pups spend their mornings in doggy day care with age and size appropriate dogs, learning the appropriate social behaviour to grow up into confident, friendly dogs. Pups have access to our variety of imported and local toys as well as interactive toys. We are the only place in Bloemfontein that has the facility for proper, safe puppy boarding.

Prerequisites: This special type of boarding is only available to pups under the age of 24 weeks.
What else is provided:
  • Doggie crockery (stainless steel), toys, chew things, paddle pools
  • Feeding and medicating twice daily (bring own, labelled food)
  • Cuddles and pats ad lib throughout the day
  • Daily housekeeping and sanitisation
  • Bedtime biscuit
  • Constant water supply
  • Facebook updates
  • 24-hour surveillance cameras
Extra upgrades available:
  • Extra exercise and treats are not recommended for puppies
  • Calmatives/health products
  • Delivery service (Mondays to Thursdays only: see pricelist)
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Convalescent Care

Special Boarding for elderly / frail / sick / injured dogs

Since we have adopted a holistic approach to pet care, we acknowledge the unique needs of certain dogs. Ordinary boarding can be stressful and uncomfortable for elderly or injured dogs because they are more prone to feeling the cold, have achy joints, and stiff muscles, have frequent toileting needs, are anxious to be out of their home routine, and cannot tolerate or enjoy the active schedule that satisfies younger, more energetic dogs. At Fetch! we provide special needs dogs with the peace, quiet and comfort they need to enjoy their stay.

The gentle ambience set by the 'Dog tunes' played throughout the night is enough to send even anxious dogs peacefully off to sleep. Puppy training pads are also available at night for those midnight toileting emergencies. Electric water bottles and fan heaters are available for extra cold nights. During the warmer daytime hours, these dogs have the opportunity to either stretch their legs in a large suite garden, or potter around with the daycare facilitators if they are social. Activities are tailored to their energy level.

This special type of boarding is not only for the elderly, but is also suitable for dogs with temporary or permanent injuries. Part of the daily fee includes medicating as required, as well as one daily laser therapy session for pain relief.

Prerequisites: Only for dogs of advanced age or dogs with injuries.
What else is provided:
  • Raised/platform bed with bed linens (unless injury prevents this)
  • Doggie crockery (stainless steel), toys, chew things
  • Storage space
  • Feeding and medicating twice daily (bring own, labelled food)
  • Cuddles and pats ad lib throughout the day
  • Daily housekeeping and sanitisation
  • Bedtime biscuit
  • Constant water supply
  • Facebook updates
  • 24-hour surveillance cameras
Extra upgrades available:
  • Extra exercise and treats are not recommended for elderly dogs
  • Hydrotherapy, strapping, and/or laser therapy is available during their stay
  • Biscuits and treats from the Barkery (on-site – only if their stomach can handle it)
  • Calmatives
  • Delivery service (Mondays to Thursdays only: see pricelist)
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Three-Day Pre Boarding Visit

Pre-boarding visitations for dogs

The three-day pre-boarding visit is a pre-boarding pass that offers your dog/s the opportunity to become acquainted with the boarding environment before their official stay. These three visits are booked one week apart and begin 3 weeks before the official check-in date. The first session takes place on a quiet morning whereby mum/dad and dog spend about 45-60 minutes with one of the Fetch! facilitators, enjoying a sniff-around orientation to the premises, a brief play session or two and some interactions with the facilitator, quick sniff around the boarding units, and an intro to the resident dog (if your dog is social). All this is done in the presence of the parents. The second session is one half or full day in doggy day care for social dogs where mum/dad do not stay. The final visit is one, full-day in our standard or communal boarding routine (going through the motions, feeding, leaving the dog in his/her suite at intervals to orientate him/herself, etc.). Owners are encouraged to send everything they are planning to send along with the dog when he/she actually boards such as their bed, toys, chew things, and some food for the day.

This package is ideal for dogs with nervous tendencies, dogs who are not let out of the yard very often, elderly dogs, dogs that have never stayed away from home for more than a few hours before, or dogs that have simply never been boarded or kennelled before, especially single dogs. We have tested this and have noted a marked improvement in the boarding behaviour of dogs who enrol for this package prior to boarding. Dogs are far more comfortable having been given the opportunity to orientate themselves and to slowly be introduced to the boarding routine at Fetch!

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Day Visits

Daytime boarding/visiting without sleeping over

Day visits are designed for the caring dog owner to test out which boarding suite would best fit his/her dog. The dog will spend an entire day in the communal or standard boarding routine to orientate them to the idea of boarding or day care prior to long-term boarding. This is specifically for owners who only board their dogs once or twice a year for long periods of time, and want to book intermittent day visits leading up to the intended boarding date so that the dog/s remain used to the boarding environment. Day visits are also useful to owners who either are not able to book the three-day pre boarding visit so far in advance, or do not feel that it is necessary for their dog to attend more than one full day visiting the premises prior to their actual boarding experience. It is also a great way to assist in decision-making when planning a holiday away. You can send the dog for the day to test-out the boarding or day care service, assess his/her response after their day visit (as well as get a feel for the service and staff in its entirety), and use this evaluation to help you decide whether or not you would like to make use of our services in future.

Pricing: R200 per dog per day visit (07:15-13:00) Back to other Boarding Options
Please read the Ts & Cs and e-mail to check for availability before submitting your booking forms.

Why use Doggy Day Care?

Dog Training

Fetch! offers TWO broad dog training courses designed for different dog age groups: 8-16 weeks and 16 weeks and older. In addition, you can decide to "top-up" your puppy school or training workshop adventure with additional playtime at Fetch! Doggy Day Care to broaden your dog's socialisation experience. Each session is designed and delivered with the utmost care, and takes place in a completely controlled and safe environment. Our "puppy playground" is fully equipped with stations for sensory stimulation, colourful obstacles, and all-round, four-legged fun. We also guarantee that all other dogs and animals on the property are securely separated from the puppy yard, and have been properly vaccinated and treated for parasites (ticks, fleas, and worms) on a strict schedule. Our training workshops are also delivered in safe areas around town.

Frequent Questions

We have a VERY strict vaccine policy at Fetch! The pup must have at least had its first shot (administered at 6/8 weeks old) – ideally the first two vaccinations should be in place, but this is neither compulsory nor necessary to attend puppy school since the grounds are secure. All puppy owners have to present their veterinary booklets with proof of vaccines when they enrol. In addition, all parasite controls must be up-to-date (de-worming as well as tick and flea control) – this will be checked and strictly monitored. The kennel cough vaccination is compulsory for the dog to board or if you decide to send the dog into permanent day care where he/she will be in contact with many different dogs.

Fetch! Puppy School strictly makes use of, and promotes, motivational training. i.e. positive reinforcement. This involves the use of food to reward your puppy for wanted behaviours during puppy school, so you will be asked to please pack a lunchbox/goody bag for each session. The pup will then earn his breakfast during puppy school on Saturday mornings (). The two most important things to remember about the food is: 1) use/pack in SOFT food rewards (we do not recommend hard dog biscuits or processed treats) and 2) try to make use of foods that are not rich and have no preservatives. Boiled chicken breasts, 100% chicken viennas / sausages or unspiced biltong/mince is best. Make sure that you prepare the food by chopping it into tiny pieces for training, as well as have long strips ready for heel work.

We will not accept the use of compulsion in our training sessions: use of severe collars, pushing the bum down into a sit, jerking the collar of a dog and so on. Make sure that you agree with our methods before enrolling, as we ONLY use food rewards and occasionally toys to train the dogs.

Please visit our 'Philosophy' section for more detailed information on our training methods.

Complete course attendance is imperative for you to get the most out of this experience. Clients, however can decide to skip sessions, but since the course is only 4 weeks long, there will be no opportunity to catch up on these sessions. Please check your schedule to make sure that you have the necessary time to commit to our Puppy School course before enrolling. Alternatively, you are welcome to enrol for our training workshop on Saturdays, as this allows flexibility in terms of attendance (monthly fees apply).

Unfortunately not. Payment for the course must be made in advance having emailed proof of EFT (Electronic Financial Transfer) before directions and preparation details are released. If EFTs are not possible with your particular bank, please discuss the matter further with one of the trainers.

K9 Cadets

A 4-week course for puppies between the ages of 8-16 weeks upon entry/starting date of course (18 weeks for small breeds). The course constitutes one session per week on Saturday mornings over an 4 week period (time TBA; depends on the weather). K9 Cadets offers your pup a well-rounded, positive socialisation experience (new people, new experiences, new sounds, other pups, etc.), as well as relevant topic discussions, sensory stimulation, weekly access to our obstacle course, and basic training exercises.

Training Exercises
  • Attention
  • Sit
  • Lie down
  • Come (basic recall)
  • Walking nicely on lead, etc.
Fun extra's
  • Toys (how to play)
  • Crate training (the beginning)
  • Travel safety, and lots more
What you will receive upon enrolment:
  • A Hill's puppy pack
  • Some homework ideas to do with your pup (for further socialisation and obedience training)
  • Supplementary articles and info via Facebook and email
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Training Workshops

We also have obedience training workshops available for any dog older than the age of 16 weeks (4 months). These 1-hour sessions take place on Saturday afternoons (time and venue TBA) and are designed to allow each dog and handler team to have one-on-one time with a trainer, while other group members observe and learn. Each dog-handler team takes turns to train their dog/s - dogs are not trained in a group setting until they are ready. Those who opt for the Social Butterfly top-up, focus on training exercises during class time, and then socialise to their heart’s content with larger/older dogs on one full day per week for a month during doggy day care hours.

NB! Just remember that dogs over the age of 7 months who apply for doggy daycare must pass our Behavioural Assessment before they can enter into social daycare.

NB! When you enrol, please remember to specify which type of training group you would like to join: 1) Casual/Provisional Training Home obedience, 2) Canine Good Citizen (CGC), or 3) Competitive Dog Sport.

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Social Butterfly "top-up"

Both services have the option to add on one month of socialisation sessions for your puppy/dog at doggy day care for a discounted price. E.g. Older dogs enrolled for training workshops (under 7 months old) are offered a welcoming special of R250 for their first month at DDC. This is a great opportunity to ensure thorough socialisation and to familiarise your pup/dog with the facility should you ever have to book your dog into the Bed & Biscuit while you are on holiday. Just bear in mind that the Social Butterfly top-up is only available to puppies < 24 weeks and sterilised dogs.

NB! Your dog will undergo a Fetch! Behavioural assessment on their first day at doggy day care to determine suitability. Dogs who enter the program beyond 20 weeks old may not pass the test, in which case we can only work on positive responses to other dogs or physical exercise during their remaining sessions with us. For the safety of all dogs, no physical interaction with other dogs will be allowed if there are any signs of dog-aggression.

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The Fetch! Barkery (i.e. bakery for dogs) offers a wide variety of specialised treats and baked goods for your best friend. From healthy novelty cakes and red velvet cookies, to dehydrated chicken breasts and smoked bones, we've got it all. Make your dog's day with one of our confectionery delights!

Click below to find out more about...


Our Barkery produces wonderfully healthy novelty cakes that are perfect for any dog event from birthday celebrations, to graduation days, or simple play dates with fellow furry friends. All cakes are made with love and the help of quality ingredients that are free of preservatives and sugar. Yes! We make only savoury birthday cakes. Furthermore, sensitive pooches can make use of our Gluten Free option.

Cakes Available
  • Single-tier beef liver sponge (1x 20-25cm in radius with décor & icing)
  • Mini beef liver sponge (1x 12cm in radius with décor & icing)
  • Double-dekker beef liver sponge (1x 20cm sponge + 1x 12cm sponge with décor & icing)
  • Beef liver pupcakes (12 large pupcakes with assorted toppings)
Additional upgrades for cakes (extra fees apply)
  • Gluten-free substitute
  • Numbered candle
  • Biltong twirl
  • Miniature rawhide
  • Yogurt buttons
  • Edible collar (coming soon)
  • * Change to Liver or ox flavour at no additional cost
Contact us for a full pricelist (Tuesdays are baking days).
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Cookies aren't just good for Sunday afternoons or training time, but can add nutritional value to your dog's daily caloric intake. The Barkery boasts a range of healthy biscuits baked with wheat or rice flour, flaxseeds, veggies, and animal products sourced with care.

Flavours available on order
  • Liver Poppers
  • Meat Loaf Cookies
  • Red Velvet Saltine
  • Peanut Butter and Bacon Bites
  • Pumpkin and Apple Chews
  • Tuna Cheese Squares
Contact us for a full pricelist (Tuesdays are baking days).
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Room Service

Besides takeaways, you can also order treats from the barkery to be enjoyed during your dog's stay with us at the Bed & Biscuit, or during naptime at day care. Allow your dog to sink his teeth into our meaty selection of large, cooked or raw bones, seasonal soups and icies, cake slices served with gravy, and so much more. Cookies can also be 'ordered in' and enjoyed during your dog's stay as part of a box deal.

Some items on the menu
  • Knuckle/lion bones
  • Bone broth
  • Doggy Bag for 1
  • Bark Box for 2
  • and more...
Contact us for a full pricelist (Tuesdays are baking days).
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Bed & Biscuit (Overnight Care)

Lodging Size & Type 1 dog 2 dogs 3 dogs 4 dogs
Social Boarder
(for dogs that enjoy socialising with other dogs)
R 180 R 340 R 480 R 600
Non-social Boarder
(for dogs that don't like other dogs)
R 180 R 340 R 480 R 600
Peak Season Rates
(social or non-social dogs boarding in peak season)
R 210 R 390 R 540 R 660
Special / Frail Care Boarding
(for elderly, sick, or injured dogs)
R 230 R 400 n/a n/a
Doggy Day Camp
(for puppies younger than 6 months of age)
R 230 R 400 n/a n/a
30% deposits required for the following major holidays only:
December/Christmas/New Year Holidays (full payment and vet record deadline: 9 December 2024)
Peak Season Dates/Rates (2024)
28 March – 2 April
17 June – 8 July
8 – 12 August
20 – 30 September
12 December – 6 January

Other Bed & Biscuit Fees

Item Description Price
Day visits Boarding 07:15am – 13:00 R 200
Saturday check-outs (8-8:30) Not a normal check-in/out day R 200
Emergency booking Special, fast track admin fee for same-day bookings R 200
12.15-13.00 check-out Additional full-day fee See BnB
Bed & Biscuit delivery Morning / afternoon delivery of boarding dogs and their belongings (depends on space) R 10.00 per KM
Cash Deposit Fee For all cash deposits made in a bank or at an ATM R 50.00

Doggy Day Care (Monthly Package Deals)

Pricing coming soon!
Please e-mail us for current pricelist – various options available, but space is limited.

Puppy School & K9 Coaching

Course Description Price
Super Pup Puppy school course for pups 8-20 weeks R 500
K9 Coaching Private dog training sessions at Fetch! or at your home address POA
Board & Train Dog training with a professional trainer while boarding with us at Fetch! POA
Social Butterfly 4x play dates at Fetch! Doggy Daycare if you sign up for Super Pup, K9 Coaching or Board & Train R 300


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Boarding Check-in / out Times:

Check-ins, Mon-Fri: 08:00-08:30am

Check-outs, Mon-Fri: 08:00-08:30am or 12:15-13:00pm

Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed

Online booking & proof of veterinary booklets essential


39/6 Sipres Avenue, Bainsvlei, Bloemfontein, 9301

Visits / viewings by appointment only

Admin Hours:
Mondays to Fridays


Daycare Check-in / out Times:
Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

7:15-8:00am / 12:15-13:00pm

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